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Here's a tip for introducing ANYONE, including yourself.
What is the most important bit of information
you deliver during an introduction?
I don't care how long your introduction is!
The last thing you say
is the name of the person stepping up to the mike!
Here's an example-
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
I've been teaching computer subjects for ten years,
and have been a public speaker since 1975.
I've written a book on public speaking
and also have a CD on the subject.
My name is Jerry Gold!"

Here's a tip
that will radiate confidence to your audience!
You must move your eyes around the room when you are speaking.
Depending on the number of people sitting in front of you,
try to look directly at them individually!
Of course if there are a thousand people out there
(more or less)
merely look at points around the room.
This will give the impression that you are in charge
and convince the listeners
you know what you're talking about!

Here's a tip that is most important to you
and your audience!
You must practice your speech
before the actual presentation.
Voice inflection, volume and emotion are things to think about at this time!

Here's another tip!
If you ever have the chance
to take part in a debate,
attempt to argue the opposite side, against your belief.
You will learn even more about your subject,
and be better equipped to speak about the subject! [back to main page]