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Jerry Gold is from South Philadelphia
(and an ex-Marine!)

Jerry attended South Philadelphia High School, the school of the stars! Some other students who attended the school (not at the same time, of course!) were Mario Lanza, Marian Anderson,
Jack Klugman, Eddie Fisher, Frankie Avalon, Chubby Checker and Fabian.
Alas, Jerry never could sing.

Jerry has been speaking professionally since the early seventies when he organized a group of parents which eventually numbered about 11,000. He was named to the Philadelphia School Board's Desegregation Task Force as a result.

Jerry has been a Public Speaking Instructor for Broward County staff, and currently teaches various computer subjects at one of the branches. For more than 10 years Jerry has been the Master of Ceremonies at the Broward County Libraries Children's Reading Festival,
the largest free festival of its' kind in the county!

Jerry also is available for speaking engagements at which he will review new books, speak about motivation, provide comedy OR be YOUR master of ceremonies.

Call (954) 895 0516
or write to Jerry at